Wedge Absolute Real-Time Protection Case Studies


Our cloud & network zero-day security solution caters to all industries including: construction, engineering, supply chain, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, technology sector, property, utility and more.

Here is how our WedgeARP Security Solution prevented cyber attacks within these businesses:


Wedge absolute real time protection solution enabled a managed security services provider to enhance and expand its security services. The organisation : Diversified Services Company (DSC) wanted to enhance and expand its growing cyber security practice, looking for a flexible and scalable platform to integrate with the current solutions already in place, growing its cyber security practice with security and remediation services beyond typical reporting.

Although DSC has several security solutions in place, each one has its own interface, making it difficult for the team to manage as they have to switch back and forth between displays and management consoles in order to view the warnings that are detected in the network. Due to the inefficiencies in place, much of the MSSP team’s time and resources are spent trying to pinpoint and remediate endpoints in their customers’ networks suffering from ‘alert-fatigue’. The team is always putting out fires and is reactive to problems that crop up instead of being proactive. High noise-to-signal ratios leads to high service cost or ineffective services. The poor EDR type of log management and analytics tools, led to a misalignment with their customers’ goal of gaining greater visibility into what is happening in their networks.

To maximise the efficiencies of the MSSPs operations and to be able to offer more valuable services, DSC chose the Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection platform which was deployed on premise and in the cloud for DSC’s customer-base. In addition to being able to protect customers against all threats, including APTs and
never-before-seen malware, detecting and blocking malicious content in real-time, the WedgeARP™ platform can interact with endpoint EDR servers, such as Cylance and TriagingX; communicating detailed information on infected endpoints while focusing DSC’s security team on endpoints that need to be remediated. With a growing number of orchestrated security services being added to the platform, and with WedgeARP’s ability to easily and rapidly scale, DSC would not need to worry about investing in additional expensive and proprietary upgrades to their previous security solutions. As a result of the choice to deploy WedgeARP™, DSC found that they had much more time that they could devote to providing proactive network intelligence to their clients instead of having to constantly deal with reactive remediation on the endpoints that were continually being infected. DSC transformed its MSSP acquisition into an MDR provider; and was enabled to offer more valuable and lucrative services to their clients.


Wmode (“WM”), now AppDirect Inc, a leading technology and service company based in Calgary, Canada delivering fully managed, hosted services providing its customers with flexible, adaptable and highly reliable services. The company also provides highly tailored turn-key solutions across an expanded connected device range well beyond mobile devices.

Wmode is looking to provide managed security services to protect all the network connected automobiles under the Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC (“JLR”) umbrella in the UK. The company needed a robust platform from which it could provide multiple network security services that would protect the connected automobile systems and their drivers from malware and other targeted attacks for both car telematics and in-car Internet access.

Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection solution was deployed in the cloud by WM, protecting each of automobiles connected to the JLR network. This allowed all internal automobile systems to be protected from potential targeted attacks that could potentially give hackers control of the vehicles. It also protected any users that were using the in-car internet hotspots from potential viruses, spam and other malware, as they browsed the web or utilised other network-based services.WM chose to utilise the WedgeARP to successfully validate the requested network security services to the JLR Group with full real-time protection against any and all hacks and targeted attacks that could take over various network connected automotive systems.


North American Smart CITY (NASC) a large municipality named as a global innovator in smart city technology.addressing issues such as street lighting efficiency, water quality and conservation, waste management, air quality, etc. Many of the projects under this umbrella are expected to provide ongoing energy savings combined with major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and encompassing several hundreds of buildings owned by the city’s agencies in one program alone.

With the massive increase in number of IoT devices and networked endpoints deployed as a part of NASC’s transformation, it is opening the city’s OT networks up to potential hacks and breaches with a growing attack surface: each networked endpoint has the potential of being attacked with severe operational impact to the lives of the citizens.Should NASC’s networks be breached, the results could be catastrophic, potentially allowing hackers access to critical infrastructure such as city lights, the power grid, transportation systems, water treatment, privacy issues and more.

NASC chose the WedgeARP solution which was deployed to scan all OT network traffic and active connections. Any malware or IDS events detected by the solution were automatically blocked with actionable information provided to network administrators through the solution’s robust analytics portal. Within hours of deployment, WedgeARP detected and blocked over 950 events! This increased to a daily average in excess of 1,900 unique events.By blocking the malware and providing actionable information to the network administrators, it allowed them to not have to worry about having to remediate systems that would have otherwise been infected and it also provided them with intelligence on areas of the network where security could be bolstered and monitored more carefully. NASC network administrators can focus their efforts on more critical activities knowing that the thousands of endpoints within their OT network are being protected in real-time from both known and neverbefore-seen malware. They are also now armed with analytics and intelligence on their network as a whole and are enabled to take action to remediate areas of the network that may have been compromised prior to the integration of WedgeARP. As a result, one of the leading Smart Cities in the world has now become even smarter!


A government ministry of Communications and Information Technology has deployed an EBS Border Service to facilitate the ease of entry into the country for non-residents. This service has a public facing portal that ties into the back-end processing infrastructure that needs to be protected from any security breaches that may enter from the front-end portal and from internal staff.The EBS service has a front-end portal that is public facing that allows individuals to submit documents. As much of the data requested and collected is personal and confidential, the ministry needed to ensure that both its front-facing and back-end infrastructure are completely protected from potential malware and infiltration due to the nature of the data and the regulations around securing it.Due to the sensitive nature of the data collected through the portal, MCIT cannot afford to have any sort of data breach as it would erode the public’s trust in using this service.

MCIT chose and deployed the WedgeAMB ensuring a safe and secure haven for individuals applying for Visas through the service and can be assured that their data servers are fully protected from outside intrusionWedgeAMB VMs were placed behind the firewall at MCIT’s central network in an active-passive configuration to block all malware submitted from the public portal in real-time.Since deploying the WedgeAMB™ product, MCIT has realised substantial benefits,MCIT’s IT department has been able to detect and block any suspicious files and activities before they can attack the internal infrastructure and data. At this time, the potential for ransomware and data breaches has been virtually eliminated from the ministry’s EBS infrastructure.Both the ministry and the public can be assured that the personal data and information flowing through the EBS service is completely protected.