Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) - Training

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Course Overview

The intensive five-day CISM exam preparation course is designed to prepare professionals for the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam. The course focuses on the key points covered in the CISM Review Manual and includes class lectures, group discussions/activities, exam practice and answer debriefs. The course is intended for individuals with familiarity with and experience in information security management. While information has become more easily accessible and readily available, the associated risks and security threats have not only increased in number, but also complexity. As a result, the importance of ensuring that an enterprise’s information is protected has also increased. It is now more important than ever for executives to ensure that their IT security managers have the expertise needed to reduce risk and protect the enterprise. 

Training Delivery

All Training will be conducted in beautiful Manchester City, with the exact days and scheduled provided per cohort. You will be given recommendations for where to stay and the resource needed for the Intense 5 day Training Camp. With opportunities to network and learn from other student and from local events when applicable.

Becoming CISM Certified

There are no prerequisite requirements for taking the CISM course or the CISM exam; however, in-order-to apply for the CISM certification, the candidate must meet the following requirements as determined by ISACA:

  • Five (5) or more years of experience in information security management (Waivers are available for a maximum of two (2) years)

  • Knowledge and understanding of information security architecture and technology

  • Previous managerial experience is helpful but not required

Information Security Governance

Information Security Risk Management

Information Security Program

Incident Management

Course Objectives.

On completion of the CISM exam preparation course, delegates will:

  • Ensure that an enterprise’s information is protected
  • Have the expertise needed to reduce risk and protect the enterprise
  • Design, develop, implement and manage an effective security management program
  • Establish and maintain an IT governance framework aligned with business objectives
  • Identify and manage information security risks
  • Have an understanding of the format and structure of the CISM certification exam
  • Have knowledge of the various topics and technical areas covered by the exam
  • Practice with specific strategies, tips and techniques for taking and passing the exam

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