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SPOOL Telecom & IT

Development, commission and integration of advanced IT, telecommunication and wireless network infrastructure

SPARK Cyber Security

Data-driven security, SOC optimisations and expert advice for your organisation's needs

Wedge Real time Network Defence

Achieve real-time defence against zero-day threats, eliminate alert fatigue, and better invest your resources.

SPEAK Medtech

Bringing big data innovations to stammering medical technologies

SPARK Cyber Security

SPARK is the specialist Cybersecurity wing of CTSS Technology, we deliver the protection you need where it's needed. Offering on-premises integration of our solutions and delivering our services across cloud platforms. We understand that technology alone can not protect against all of the modern age’s cyber threats. We offer comprehensive security services under our Managed Security Services and Professional Services allowing your organisation the freedom to do what you do best.


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SPEAK MedTech Stammering Solution

SPEAK brand is focused on the development of software and hardware needed to provide a modern data-driven solution for stammering. SPEAK aims to enable this under-represented group in gaining control of their stammering.

SPOOL Telecom & IT

SPOOL provides and supports a complete IT and telecommunication services and network solutions for its customers, network capacity planning and design, integration of wireless network infrastructure and automate the processes by implementing cutting edge ERP and CRM modules that will help businesses automate and refine the digital transformation for their organisation.

Cyber security engineer presenting findings at Security operations centre SOC

Project Infinity Digital Cash

Project Infinity in partnership with CTSS Technologies aim to redefine how we think about money and cash and move the world towards a complete Cashless Economy by building the world's first real Digital Cash solution. How are we going to do this? Watch our teaser video now and get in touch with us for more info

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