CYBER RANGES delivers World-Class Cyber Security Training and Capability Development Exercises using Next-Generation Technology and Services for the Design, Delivery and Management of Simulation-Based, Deep-Dive Experiences in Cyber Security.

 CYBER RANGES platform delivers the ability to create, share and deliver realistic hands-on scenario training. The platform can serve both individuals and thousands of simultaneous users, either as a cloud-based application, or an on-premise solution.

CYBER RANGES is currently equipped with hundreds of realistic hands-on scenarios, of varying difficulty levels (from novice to complex enterprise setups), and this library of scenarios is being updated constantly.

Deployment Options

Web as a Service

The cloud-based solution is available and accessible on demand for ad-hoc delivery of cyber exercises and events.


A dedicated cloud-based solution with private workspace and additional user and competency management functionalities .

On Premises

Hosted in-house, on dedicated hardware, delivers the ultimate level of control, security and flexibility.


CYBER RANGES Advanced Features

CYBER RANGES is an official platform of the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for the delivery of national, regional, and global cyber drills.​

Cyber Security Threats Are Evolving, Sharpen Your skills