Identity Cloud Services (IDCS)

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Our implementation of IDCS the Identity-as-a-Service solution provides extended control for provisioning and de-provisioning your organisation’s PaaS & SaaS accounts. Manage access across multiple cloud and on-premises application service with expert implementation of your security protocols. 

IDCS adheres to cloud design principles (scalability, elasticity, resilience, ease of deployment, functional agility, technical adoption, and organisation alignment), leveraging standards-based HTTP protocols for authentication (OpenID Connect 1.0), coarse-grained authorisation (OAuth 2.0), identity federation (SAML 2.0), and user/role profile (SCIM). By leveraging HTTP-only protocols, IDCS ensures proper decoupling between the identity service and its consumers, freeing OPC services and infrastructure of the need for awareness of the physical location and internal characteristics of the identity services.

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