Cyber Incident Response

Fast, Effective and impactful response to help your organisation 


Your business is your top priority and at best cyber-attacks are just a distraction and at worst they can cripple your operation. There is no such thing as unbeatable security and breaches occur, even in well-managed and protected businesses. When the worst does happen, it’s often how you respond that determines the ultimate impact and our incident response service is here to guide you through the process, limit further damage, recover and get you back online to business as usual.

Cybersecurity incidents have become inevitable; the result of our increasingly interconnected and technology-enabled world. As the increasing frequency of high-profile breaches shows, no organisation is immune. It’s important you’re prepared and able to respond effectively – whatever your industry, location or organisation size.


Determine the type of incident, the severity /damage caused and other impacts or violation of standards caused by the incident


Shutting down programs and taking measures to not allow a spread of the damage into other information systems


Eliminate the cause of the incident from the system and take steps towards repairing damage caused


Restore back up systems with caution and while monitoring operations functionality is resumed


Complied reports of the incident documenting each step as it happens, how it happened and how to prevent it from happening

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