Prevent evolving cyber threats from entering your network with unparalleled accuracy, speed and performance.

CTSS, in partnership with Wedge Networks, brings you guaranteed security from ALL threats, including advanced persistent threats and new, never-before-seen malware. It also analyses threat event data across the entire network to provide intuitive and actionable threat intelligence.
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Who are CTSS

Connected Technology Solutions and Services (CTSS) is a trusted technology partner that draws on many years of knowledge and experience to solve complex technical challenges in Cybersecurity, Medical Technologies, IT and telecommunications. We facilitate improved technology integration and compliance.

With a long history and trusted reputation with major international companies in Turkey and the Middle East, CTSS now offers its innovative solutions and flexible support services across Europe and the UK. We also aim to deliver a holistic services approach providing consultation and advice services for organisation seeking to enhance operations with technology.

Our Partners

Cyber security threats are evolving

Destructive cyber security threats are exponentially on the rise and evolving quicker than ever, penetrating and compromising fortified networks. Alarmingly, 2020 saw an increase of over 350% in malware and ransomware activity. 

It’s a fact that for many businesses and companies in both the public and private sector, it’s not a case of if they could become a victim of an attack, but when.  

Recent significant security breaches have seen organisations suffer costly losses of data, customer details, financial records, and personal information. Furthermore, it is estimated that cybercrime costs organisations $2.9M every minute. 

Why Threat Prevention
is Priority #1

As viruses are becoming more sophisticated and evasive, current security technologies are proving unreliable; forcing enterprise security strategies to shift from prevention to post-breach detection and remediation. 

Traditional end points like firewalls and sandboxes are failing as perimeters and allowing some advanced viruses and malware to pass into the network. 

Introducing Wedge Absolute Real-Time Protection

Advanced Malware Blocker with Cylance Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises can defend themselves by implementing a robust and innovative real time prevention platform that scans traffic in real time and eliminates bad traffic entering your system.

Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker (WedgeAMB™) is the first product in Wedge’s new Absolute Real-time Protection (Wedge ARP™) series. It delivers the most effective, real time, network-level malware prevention available by blocking conventional and advanced viruses, including those that currently pass through industry-leading next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. 

Its multi-layer anti-malware approach can scan more than 100 million known virus and malware signatures sourced from third party anti-malware partners, with unrivalled accuracy, performance and scale.  It also analyses threat event data across the entire network to provide intuitive and actionable threat intelligence.

How WedgeAMB™

Comprehensive Malware Detection WedgeAMB™ has multiple scanning engines enhanced with an embedded AI deep-learning neural network that enables it to detect and block ALL threats, including advanced persistent threats and new, never-before-seen malware. It is the most accurate malware detection and blocking solution available.

Peace of mind and greater efficiency

Advanced Protection against zero-day threats, blocking 100M known, unknown & customised malware

Protecting all endpoints across your organisation’s network

Offloading Anti-Malware and SSL decryption improving SOC efficiency 

Reducing business disruptions, data leakage & security breaches

Provides clear & actionable network-wide threat intelligence

Supporting 100Mbps, 250 Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps,10Gbps, and 40Gbps configurations

Protect your
remote teams

When your employees are working from home and outside the defence systems installed within your usual office set up, Wedge’s Secure Home Office Solution is the ideal protection your team need. 

This cloud-managed security service enables effective security solutions for any Cloud-connected computing devices; providing scalability, flexibility and accuracy for SMEs and home users whilst still maintaining privacy. 

Prevention always outperforms detection

Get full protection with WedgeARP™