Security System Evaluation​

Evaluation of the current state of security systems and developing the best security improvement strategy.


IT security is directly linked to enhanced company’s reputation, financial stability and prosperity. It’s very important to have an information security strategy as a part of IT security system which provides sufficient data protection level with reasonable costs and IT services limitations.

Our security systems evaluation provides you with a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure to identify its compliance to business requirements and known best practices. The Assessment will give you the best way to organise interaction of various security systems: antivirus solutions, network firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems etc.


Our process

1- What assets are you trying to protect?

This involves understanding the scope of the problem. For example, securing a computer program, a computer, a local network, a
distributed application and the Internet are all different security problems and require different solutions.

2- What are the risks to these assets?

Here we consider the need for security. Answering it involves understanding what is being defended, what the consequences are if it is successfully attacked, who wants to attack it, how they might attack it, and why.

3- How well does the security solution mitigate those risks?  

Another seemingly obvious question, but one that is frequently ignored. If the security solution doesn’t solve the problem, it’s no good. This is not as simple as looking at the security solution and seeing how well it works. It involves looking at how the security
interacts with everything around it, evaluating both its operation and its failures.

4- What other risks does the security solution cause?

This might be called the problem of unintended consequences. Security solutions have ripple effects, and most cause new security problems. The trick is to understand the new problems and make sure they are smaller than the old ones.

5- What costs and trade-offs does the security solution impose?

Every security system has costs and requires trade-offs. Most security costs money, sometimes substantial amounts; but other trade-offs may be more important, ranging from matters of convenience and comfort to issues involving basic freedoms like privacy. Understanding these trade-offs is essential.


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