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Holistic Cyber Security and Compliance Training

In partnership with Silensec CTSS Delivers an expansive training catalogue, bringing a wholistic security skillset to your operation 


This course introduces delegates to the Backtrack distribution, the de facto Linux distribution used by ethical hackers and penetration testers around the world. While learning how to use and customize the Backtrack distribution, delegates will develop important hands-on Linux competencies they need to better use existing and future hacking tools. This course is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to become a professional ethical hacker and penetration tester.


Ethical NinjaTM is about ‘doing stuff’ and practically learning how to assess the security posture of an organization before the ‘bad guys’ do. The course has been designed from the ground up to allow you to understand how attacks are commonly carried out by malicious users, and in particular to learn how to apply hacking tools and techniques to gain unauthorized access to information assets. 


This course goes beyond the standard hacking techniques and covers the more advanced exploits and tools used by hackers to reach the innermost sensitive areas of an organization and steal valuable information without getting caught. The course also addresses advanced hacking techniques used by hackers to compromise client machines to be used in bot nets. Ethical Ninja™ II focuses on a selected range of tools, showing how they are tailored and used efficiently to achieve the most damage.


Mobile Security Shark™ is a practical course designed to address the risks of using mobile devices for both personal, corporate and mobile banking applications. The aim of this course is to equip users of mobile devices and mobile applications with the knowledge and competencies necessary to minimize the risks of owning devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Android. Mobile users are exposed, virtually 24×7, to a wider range of attacks that could result in financial loss, disclosure and loss of sensitive information.


Red Bundi™ provides you with hands-on practice with the tools you will be using to defend an organization against systems and network attacks. The course will improve your knowledge and understanding of the TCP/IP based protocols to better equip you to perform effective analysis of intrusion attempts and investigations.


Black Bundi™ is a course developed for those professionals who need to manage and secure a corporate environment. The course builds on the skills and competencies acquired with Red Bundi™ and teaches you how to deploy, configure and operate intrusions detection and prevention systems in a corporate IT infrastructure where you are required to deal with potentially thousands of security events daily.


This course addresses the challenges faced by modern organizations with regards to Log Management in order to comply with business requirements, as well as the requirements imposed by the law, regulations and contractual
obligations. A typical organization will have devices, computer systems and applications generating thousands of logs daily, each with specific requirements which must be met. 


RevCode Panther™ is a hands-on training course through which the student will develop the competencies required to identify and analyse malware in order to react to security incidents and perform in-depth computer forensics investigations. RevCode Panther™ provides the student with the hands-on environment to use disassemblers and debuggers and learn the different techniques used to reverse engineer software and perform malware analysis.


Forensics eSpectorTM is a practical, hands-on training course designed to transfer skills in responding to security breaches and carry out a computer forensics investigation. Using a variety of computer forensics tools and a portable forensics laboratory you will be working through a number of practical exercises and challenges. You will learn how to best react to incidents while collecting volatile and non volatile evidence. In addition you will understand how to investigate security breaches and analyse digital evidence that could be used internally or in a court of law.


Forensics BeeTM is a practical hands-on training course through which you will develop the competencies required to engage in forensic analysis of mobile devices and gadgets. With the constantly changing technologies in mobile gadgets, an analyst needs to understand the various forensic techniques used across different device operating systems and types.

Cyber security threats are evolving, ensure your Personal are prepared