Developing the latest in Stammering Solution System. Bringing data innovations to stammering medical technologies

Key Features

Deep Learning

SPEAK will assess the stammering level live and adjust the AAF level to the best fit levels for each sentence

Compact and Affordable

SPEAK is designed to connect to your smartphone, this makes it much smaller and more affordable with a starting price of £499

Progress Reports

Integration with your Speech and Language Therapist to help guide more productive sessions

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SPEAK Development Lifecycle

CTSS Technology under the brand name SPEAK is seeking to employ the latest advancements in IT, by relying on Artificial Intelligence via deep learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop an application and device that can treat stammering.

  • New in-ear device (Pre-production)

    A newly developed, low cost and discrete in-ear device. With integrated Bluetooth connectivity to your device.

  • Application Device control (Beta Testing)

    The application will be the main point of device management for the user, providing further access for day to day operation needed by the stakeholders and an access point to override automated settings.

    Completion in Q3 2021 

  • Internet of Things integration (Under Development)

    The in-ear device will connect to the mobile application via Bluetooth to access our IoT platform.

    Completion in Q3 2021

  • Deep learning model (Under Development)

    The deep learning model will play an integral part in the data flow management, and processing the device’s data to deliver settings for the user. The DL model will be feed with research data to create a baseline, which can be adapted as it learns user speech patterns provided by the application. 

    Completion in Q4 2021

  • Performance centre for SLT (Under Development)

    The control centre will enable the speech therapist to monitor the stammer’s progress, to encourage more purpose guided sessions during regular reviews and to change settings.

    Completion in Q1 2022

SPEAK Stammering Solutions System (SSS)


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