Telecom and connectivity

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Our Services

In an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving market, your advantage hinges on your ability to quickly assemble high performance teams. Organisations need to track competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and advances in technology to compete and thrive in their sector. Our team draws upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as, deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients’ success. We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of services in the field of telecommunications and are not limited to the following:


Delivery models

Advisory services

Advice comes in two forms—opinions and experiences. Our advice is based on real-world experience that shows up in the form of relevant guidance and practical application. Marrying technical expertise with deep business knowledge, we’ll foster a strategic advantage to set you ahead of the competition. We’ll quickly assess your current state and provide specific, actionable recommendations on how to advance your business.

Co- Managed Services

Sometimes you need help, but also want to stay in the driver’s seat. The solution? A high-performance model so you can stay involved in project planning and execution. We assemble world-class project teams supported by practice and delivery experts. We live our delivery philosophy: continuous improvement and service excellence. Give your business the boost it needs with our blend of flexibility, commitment, technological implementation and reliability, in order to charge ahead.

Engagement Services

Outsourcing your projects—or full functions—to professionals is often a necessity to gain a competitive advantage. Whether your goals are to improve speed to market, drive financial efficiencies, free up internal resources or gain access to full-stack capabilities, we can help you with a fully managed solution. Using a combination of established methods, elite talent and deep expertise up-and-down the technology stack, CTSS Technology is your trusted advisor. We’ll help you define meaningful service benchmarks and focus on continuous improvement and service level performance every step of the way

Service Overview

Monitoring and Implementation

CTSS provides IT services for both the latest and old telecom equipment used in the industry with the support of highly trained & equipped engineers and support technicians. Our telecom implementation management process enables customers to receive information and status updates on the network in a transparent, accurate, and efficient manner. At the same time our quality and safety procedures ensure the standards and safety of our work for the benefit of the network’s operation.



Coverage Solutions

Enterprise Wi-Fi and switching solutions that just simply work – scaling from small offices to the highest density venues, with application-awareness to match the needs of your business, and simple to deploy and operate via a cloud-based system – all delivered at a disruptively low total cost of ownership

Wireless Transmission Solutions

Network operators all face similar challenges: The need to provide a highly reliable service with ever-increasing capacity and serving more subscribers in extremely challenging environments.

CTSS’s experience in fleet management communications gives the certainty that you know where your assets are. We specialise Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) and Point-to-Point (PTP) links and systems. We have access to a wide range of products to meet your system requirements. These systems can be integrated into fixed or mobile sites and  provide coverage where it is needed. With customised power systems and experience with the major radio brands, we tailor to your requirements.