WedgeIQ™ Actionable Threat Intelligence

WedgeIQ™ is a common virtualized threat intelligence engine supporting both Wedge Cloud Network Defense (WedgeCND) and Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP) Series solutions.

WedgeIQ provides an online dashboard conveying detailed information about network traffic profiles and the overarching network threat landscape with intuitive formats. Detailed reports are available to provide additional information, which can be particularly helpful with forensics analysis.

WedgeIQ rolls up threat intelligence across all customer managed WedgeARP virtual or physical appliances to provide a network-wide view of the enterprise threat landscape.

For WedgeCND deployments, WedgeIQ rolls up threat intelligence from the cloud and distributed cloud systems to again provide a network-wide view of the threat landscape. For applications support Security-as-a-Service, or other multi-tenancy use cases, WedgeIQ directly supports the ability to support individual subscribers or groups of users assigned to a specific business unit or other partitioned group of users, limiting access and reporting to only the users relevant network domain.

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