UV-C Light Based Smart Disinfection System


Qube - S

With a surface ceiling mounting Qube S allows for quick and easy deployment in compact settings that see regular usage. 

Walle - S

The wall mounted Walle S is highly compact and cost effective solution ideal for lifts, reception areas and waiting rooms

Qube Dual S

The Qube Dual S designed as a ceiling recess mount it allows for a discreate installation acting as a standard light source and providing UV-C light during cleaning cycles 

Who are we?

With a shared commitment towards making people feel safe in indoor spaces, CTSS and ZEROVIR have partnered to deliver a leading disinfection system to work towards healthier building, cities and vehicles. We are committed to helping people feel safe in shared spaces.

We design and manufacture lightbased disinfection systems for healthy buildings, cities, and vehicles. By listening to our client’s requirements we design products that fit their needs and those of their staff and customers. Our mission is to restore confidence in shared spaces through trusted disinfection technology.

Easy management and maintenance of all your units

Manage all your units from a central location set up disinfection cycles and check on the status of on going jobs. 

Fully managed remotely - Create and set cleaning cycle in between usage times

Download the app and get instant access to your management system, a secure and reliable way to monitor your units while regardless of where you are. Scaling from one unit up to 10,000+ 

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