UV-C Disinfection

With the help of our partners, we aim to deliver the latest in sanitisation technologies. 


UV-C Technology

Ultraviolet-C radiation emitted from the Low-pressure mercury lamps work to inactivate viruses and bacteria. With integrated safety and smart controls, we enable you to automate the sanitisation of all areas for your operations to continue in a safe and productive manner. 

Create automated cleaning cycles via the cloud controller and scale the system from 1 to 10,000 devices. Compatible with Android and IOS devices. 

With a shared commitment towards making people feel safe in indoor spaces, CTSS and ZEROVIR have partnered to deliver a leading disinfection system to work towards healthier building, cities and vehicles. 

A solution based on ease of use, safety, and intelligent devices. 

Smart Connected UV-C Systems

All our devices feature IoT connectivity and remote management and scheduling features: 

Automated cleaning cycles regulated via cloud controller; part of ZeroVir’s scalable ecosystem 

Operable from any device; Android / iOS-enabled
Compliance and accountability through real-time and historical reporting

Scalable from 1 device to systems of 10,000+

Integrated Safe operation Features

Product Range

UV-C + LED Ceiling light and disinfectant

UV-C Wall Mount Disinfectant

UV-C Ceiling light disinfectant

Commercial Applications


Treat patients more efficiently by reducing wait times and decreasing risks


HIghten your customers' confidence in their safety and reduce expenses in comparison to chemical alternatives.


Integrate cleaning cycles into meeting rooms and lifts usage, and return to focusing on what your company does best.


Keep jewellery, watches, make-up, personal electronics and other sales and demonstration aides clean, where water and chemical-based alternatives aren't ideal.

Key safety and compliance featrues

Restore confidence in shared spaces and improve disinfection turnaround time.

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