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Transforming Risk Management With Increased Security Efficiency

CTSS x QCS operating as a JV, brings you optimised performance to your security operations at all levels. 

Why Optimise SOC?

SOC optimisation reflects the maturity, sustainability and efficiency of SOC. It helps to scale security operations services within your organisation on Operational, Tactical and Strategical Levels to help reduce business risk.

We believe in Security Operations Excellence achieved through scalability, sustainability, efficacy. Generate preventative indicators in the early stages of risk at a faster speed and for more accurate decision-making, supporting your security infrastructure, your business goals, and initiatives.

What we do ?

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How do we approach SOC Optimization?

As your trusted and dedicated partner to continuously maximize ISO 27001 PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), we look at SOC optimisation primarily from what we call ‘Modules’. Those include People, Technology, Business Alignment and so on. Our services are focused on enabling you to take full advantage of existing Security Operations resources within your organisation including the assessment of your current SOC maturity level.

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Why it Matters?

Reports by Ponemon Institute, Accenture, Deloitte suggest that on an Operational Level, inefficient SOC may cost your business an extra $6M per annum when compared with an optimized SOC. On a Tactical Level, certain preventative actions may lead to a reduced data breach cost by $3.5M or a cost increase by nearly $2M. On a Strategical Level, an optimised SOC value starts from $1M and can quickly scale to multi-million U.S. Dollars annually taking into account improved cyber resilience and reduced SOC turnover cost.

Your SOC is your business risk dashboard. From a technical perspective, SOC provides timely detection against potential attacks and threats. Typically, organisations aim to equip their SOC with the best security platforms and the most dedicated and talented people. However, very often the investments into technology solutions are not being utilized to their full potential. Or, for example, technology may have been incorrectly set up which creates alert fatigue causing burnout and stress for your SOC team. This could increase your SOC turnover and pose a challenge to attract the top calibre talent.

Peace of mind and greater efficiency

Identify security risks wherever they stand.

Fine-tune your security controls (SIEM, EDR, WAF etc..)

Mitigate risk by hardening your platforms, systems, and applications

Improve productivity and optimise delivery

Utilise your resources to their full extent

Cyber security threats are evolving, ensure your security health