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The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform continuously monitors the Dark Web, hacker forums, and paste and bin sites looking for threats to your business, or leaks of your data. Skurio DRP combines continuous 24/7 monitoring with real-time alert notifications, allowing you to quickly triage and investigate any new threats, vulnerabilities, or data breaches, to minimise the impact of any incidents.

With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies and digital transformation driving complex supply chains, corporate data is increasingly being stored and processed outside the network perimeter. Traditional cybersecurity approaches like endpoint protection, intrusion detection, and network traffic analysis, are no longer enough to defend an organisation against data loss or targeted threats, particularly if one of your supply chain partners is hit. Digital Risk Protection provides an additional layer of proactive monitoring and reassurance for organisations of any size.

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Automated Protection

Skurio is a highly automated Digital Risk Protection SaaS platform. It crawls and scrapes the surface, deep, and Dark Web for compromised data and threats specific to your organisation, so it is a tailored threat intelligence tool. Configure alerts for meaningful data you want to protect and get instant notifications if compromised data or threats are detected. These alerts will help you understand your risk exposure and mitigate threats sooner to minimise the impact on your organisation.

Key Solutions

Dark Web Monitoring

Automated surface, deep and Dark Web monitoring for any type of threat or data 24x7

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Expanded sources and powerful filtering and analytics for threat hunting

Data Breach Detection

Instant notifications: SMS | email | teams Manage investigations Get analyst help in-app

Key Use Cases

Protect your staff

Prevent phishing attacks by identifying compromised credentials
Leaked Credentials
Breached personal data
VIP attacks
How we help:
Prevent phishing
Worst offender insights
Monitor for identity theft

Protect your network

Protecting the network is no long enough
Open port scanning
VPN hacking
Advanced attack planning
How we help:
Attack planning
Infrastructure monitoring
3rd party application monitoring

Protect your goods and services

Counterfeit products are an issue
Fake goods
Digital content abuse
Intellectual property breach
How we help:
Market monitoring
Intellectual property monitoring and detection
Digital content protection

Protect your customers

Customers need to trust brands
Data breaches
GDPR Compliance
Secure the supply chain
How we help:
Monitor for data breaches at scale
Provide audit trails
Monitor the supply chain

Protect your brand

Fake news doesn’t sleep
Fake news
Cyber incidents
How we help:
Brand monitoring
Customer data monitoring
Typo and domain monitoring

Margin threat protection

Stay one step ahead of customer fraud
Revenue leakage
Promotion abuse
Contract loopholes
How we help:
Discover the leaks
Prevent coupon fraud
Close contract loophole

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