Delivering the future of digital cash

A True Solution For Digital Cash

Project Infinity in partnership with CTSS Technologies aim to redefine how we think about money and cash and move the world towards a complete Cashless Economy by building the world’s first real Digital Cash solution. How are we going to do this? Watch our teaser video now and get in touch with us for more info  

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Why Infinity pay

Cash Transfers

Transfer Cash Directly to friends, family and other accounts.

Bank Transfers

Prosses your bank transfers with ease and convenience and save yourself the need to be physically present for your transfers

Fully Manged From Your App

All you need for an international transfer is your phone app, and your card simply tap and go and the NFC scan will confirm you are the holder, no longer do you have to wait in line to utilise your money

Real Exchange Rates

Take advantage of real exchange rates at the time of transfer, by utilising our infrastructure for faster transfers no longer does your money lose value when making a transfer

No Transfer Fees

No hidden charges, Infinity does not charge you for sending your money transfers

1 Minute Transfers

Fast transfer between accounts at 1 minute or less, you no longer have to deal with a long complicated process to send your money where you want it

No ID Check on Every Transaction

As the sender you simply tap your card on your phone to confirm the transfer and the receiver taps the card on their phone to receive it

Spend In-Store, Online, or Cash Out

Your money is your money infinity enables you to use it however you want it, wherever you want

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